Friday, October 22, 2010

Let your XP into a Mac OS X

Author: Archie

Is not always the envy of the Mac interface was different then? See the latest release of MacOSX Mac yet? If you already have access to WINDOWS XP, so lucky that you can spend MacOSX beautiful interface.

1, first of all, we need to TGT SOFT download a specific software: TGT Soft''s Styles XP, which is designed for WINDOWS XP for a desktop theme of the East in winter, and the current version is Beta 4.1. Address is Then we have to go to when a MacOSX Aqua 2.6, this is what we want to install the desktop theme in imitation of MacOSX, address here:

2, style xp installed, we will begin the process of the OS X installation. (I do not teach how to install, right?)

3, then we as down MacOSX Aqua 2.6 archive to extract the windowsresourcesthemes you install under WINDOWS XP. We will see a MacOSX directory, which has a MacOSX.msstyles file, run this file (double-click it). We will see WINDOW XP desktop theme settings panel out. Not for hesitation, click OK or apply, ha ha, a little wait, MacOSX beautiful faces there!

Like how? Simple, right? Of course, if you, like me, is a desktop theme mad, I introduced the website to present a different desktop theme, an interface can be changed every day.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Gmail so cool, custom domain Gmail login

We all know that Google has a very useful feature is the Google Apps following a custom domain Gmail, that google's free mail features, such as site just change the dns settings can have a lot of the suffix to @ of Gmail, its function and capacity (increase) with normal to @ at the end of the mailbox without any distinction, and most importantly, this feature is completely free

But do not know why, mail services that seem harmless at home do not even have the function can not access, Google login page for the domain cname several IP have all been shut off

(Default is the need to perform this operation: for example the site, need to CNAME to, so later you can just visit landing @ imckt . com at the end of the mailbox, of course, in the case of non-cnmae is not open for direct access to

Gmail custom domain name that appears to be completely unable to visit in the country, in fact you can use the following address your domain name, such as landing site E-mail login address is http: / / / a / / as shown below

Figure 1, the login screen

Although trouble spots, but can be used right or wrong, is not it?

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flash5 ActionScript Advanced Programming Guide (6)

Third, the use of custom functions

Adding the concept of function may be Flash5 of the ActionScript language to improve in most flash content of the fans excited. Because in the old version of FAS, in order to achieve trigonometric functions like function, Flash animators have a lot of the set had a lot of instructions and commands among the roaming call, not to facilitate the implementation of efficient and low, and often in order to avoid hell, "200,000 lines" limit (this limit be eliminated in Flash5) and their brains tricks. Now, with the function, my friends, what we are afraid!

May be some familiar with the Java or C / C + + programming flashers have to say, and the concept of function is not very common thing in, what good talk. Actually not that simple. As I put it separately brought out to be a long introduction, we will certainly have an unusual between. Here we take a look at what it has mystery. In order to highlight key points, this section just talk about the use of custom functions, system function and pre-defined command object member functions for later revisit.

1, the custom function in the form and function

In accordance with Flash5 ActionScript orthodox interpretation of the online help, self-defined function expression of known function and unknown function is divided into two types. As follows:
function functionname ([argument0, argument1, ... argumentN]) (
statement (s)
function ([argument0, argument1, ... argumentN]) (
statement (s)
One well-known function can be used as a general sense, the function or a custom object constructor; unknown function specifically designed for the custom object loading methods (ie member functions). The following examples of these three functions:

(1) for general functions (features: You can return to the values):
function add10 (x) (
return x +10;
trace (add (10));

(2) as a constructor function (features: use of targeting members of this assignment, this is required):
function box (l, t, r, b) (
this.left = l; = t;
this.right = r;
this.bottom = b;

(3) used as a method of loading custom objects (features: in the constructor name added. Prototype that load method, which is required):
box.prototype.area = function () (
return (this.right-this.left) * (;

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waterproof Wall - terminology to explain

In the field of computer security, firewall and waterproof walls are a very similar name. Firewall is installed in different networks (such as a trusted internal network and the untrusted public network) or network security domain combinations between the number of components. It can monitor, limit, change the data flow across the firewall, as far as possible within the network on the external screen of information, structure and operating conditions, in order to achieve network security. Logically, a firewall is a separator, a limiter, is a parser to effectively monitor the internal network and the Internet between any activities to ensure that the internal network security.

As a result, we know that a firewall to prevent external network through the isolation of the internal network to attack, it passively inspect all network packets flow through to block the communication security policy violations. Firewalls are based on the work of a basic assumption: it is located inside and outside the network access point, and there is no other bypass external gateway is based on this assumption, the firewall within the network became the protector. But, obviously, for internal security, the firewall can do nothing.

Waterproof wall thus came into being, and the traditional firewall concept is completely different, waterproof wall design to prevent leakage of internal information like water. The birth of a firewall is to prevent outside intrusion. It is a monitoring system within the network, at the internal network, at any time monitor the security situation within the host. If the fire is to prevent the spread of external threats to internal, then water is the means to prevent the leakage of internal information. Visible, waterproof wall is a network monitoring system within this very image of a call.

Simple waterproof wall by the probe and the monitoring center. In general, which consists of three structures: high-level user interface layer, real-time updates based within the network topology to provide system configuration, policy configuration, real-time monitoring, audit reports, security alarm and other functions; low-level modules layer, the distribution of the probe in the composition of each host; middle layer of the security services, real-time information collected from the lower to the senior report or alarm, and record the whole system of audit information, to prepare for queries or generate reports.

Waterproof wall generally has the following major functions: information leakage prevention, to prevent the internal network host, network, storage media, printers and other media, intentionally or unintentionally Kuosan local confidential information; system user management system records the user login information for the provide the basis for future safety audits; system resources, security management, limited hardware and software installation, uninstall, control the operation of a specific procedure to restrict the system into Safe Mode, rename the control file and delete operations; real-time health monitoring system, through the Intranet real-time capture and record screen host, to monitor internal security personnel to deter malicious insiders, and after the issue of security and provide the basis of its source, when necessary, can also be involved in direct control security of the host I / O devices such as keyboard, mouse, etc.; information security audit, network security audit record information, and provide the host within the network usage, security event analysis report.

In summary, the water wall is a firewall, virtual private networks, intrusion detection systems and other safety equipment, security services provided by an effective complement. On the overall security system, it is also an integral part. Although information security products, including encryption, antivirus, firewall, anti-electromagnetic radiation, platform systems, electronic authentication, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, identification authentication, physical security protection system and other ten series, but these products can only be part of the solution , not the whole problem.

According to international authorities CSI / FBI statistical data provided, and aggressive behavior in many cases, the most important time is the most secure information leakage; attacks were mainly from within, not from outside hackers. Well, there is no readily available information technology or products can block the leakage of the tap it? Waterproof wall system, such a system is adopted.

Waterproof wall system is composed of Internet access security control, computer control port security, procedures, use of safety control, safety control file copy, CD burner safety control, file and print security control, illegal invasion of security control, security control hardware resources, operating behavior management, remote surveillance, immunization and virus hackers trojan from a centralized management platform.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Digital board reshuffle: Chairman Guo Wei

Dec. 20 message, distribution and IT services provider Digital China (0861.HK) announced yesterday its latest board structure, including the third-largest shareholder, president and CEO, replacing Li Qin Guo Wei, Chairman, including two " Old Legend ", including the resignation of four non-executive directors, four representatives of the new investors took over.

4 on looked

Digital bulletin released last night showed that since December 19, 2007 began, representatives of major shareholders Legend Holdings, the former Chairman of the Board of Digital China Li Qin resigned due to retire and the post of director, while no longer serve as Chairman of the Board; major shareholders The second representative of Legend Holdings, the former chairman of Lenovo, the former director of the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences has Maochao also due to retire and has resigned as a Director of; also resigned as a director include the current executives of the China Digital Zhinian .

In addition to this announced the resignation of three directors, the Digital 17, the evening also announced that the original investors cash out now General Atlantic Partner's Managing Director William O. GRABE has resigned from the Digital China's non-executive director. Yesterday evening bulletin with the resignation of three directors, board of directors of this adjustment total of 4 Digital outgoing directors.

In the four new directors, the former largest shareholder, holding 16.23% is the second largest shareholder of Legend Holdings shares reduced by two directors from the Tang Xudong, vice president of reassigning a person as a director; new investment Fang Hongyi Investment send as its Managing Director, Hong-Yu Digital Director; the other two directors from the current 18.35% shareholding of the largest shareholder of SAIF, the Fund's directors in Taipei, and Andrew Yan joined the Digital Board of Directors.

In addition to adding four new non-executive directors, the original two executive directors continue concurrently. Lin, executive vice president of Digital China as Yang Guo Wei's old partner, continues to serve as Executive Director, Vice Chairman, President and CEO, Guo Wei's third-largest shareholder to continue as an executive director and Chairman of the Board.

Digital China's four independent directors Hu Zhaoguang, Wu Jinglian, WZ, and KWAN Ming Heung Peter remains unchanged.

Code fully into the era of God, Guo Wei

As the holdings of Legend Holdings to become the second largest shareholder, the fund investors to become the largest shareholder, the management team on behalf of Guo Wei became the third-largest shareholder, with the announcement of new equity program, replacing Li Qin Guo Wei had served as its Chairman in the industry expected.

This change, there are clear indications in the month before. In mid-November, Digital China held the most important annual events - Science and Technology Innovation Week, and as Chairman of the Board of Li Qin did not attend. In a press meeting held during the conference, Guo Wei also specially convened group's new management team debut, this all indicates that Digital China will have new changes.

With Digital MBO (management buyout) of the complete structure of the company as a whole shares a great deal of change, institutional holdings, cash and the entry of new shareholders, are harbingers of a comprehensive re-election today, the board of directors is expected.

In addition to the management of two executive directors and independent directors, the whole party on behalf of shareholders, all non-executive director of the team change, Guo Wei also the third largest shareholder, chairman, president and CEO of the identity of the absolute core of the company, which means Digital China entered the era and Guo Wei Guo Wei advocated service transformation era.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Merry MP3 Sound to RA Editing

Merry MP3 Sound to RA Editing- Just download it to have a try, you will love it. All ID3 tags in the original files will be reserved after the conversion. The software integrates with all audio encoders/codecs - users can convert all supported audio formats once download the program. Audio converter to convert MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, VQF and WAV from one format to another directly. Support remote free CDDB. Support audio CD auto-detection . Easy-to-use design. Support multiple CD-ROM drives. High speed ripping and conversion. CD ripper to rip CD to MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM directly,

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bliss DVD-Audio OGG RM to VQF Copier

Bliss DVD-Audio OGG RM to VQF Copier - Just download it to have a try, you will love it. Try to use our Bliss DVD-Audio OGG RM to VQF Copier. CDDB support. Bliss DVD-Audio OGG RM to VQF Copier - You have a portable digital player, or maybe you have tired to change audio discs every time when you want to listen something special? Try to use our Bliss DVD-Audio OGG RM to VQF Copier - powerful and easy-to-use tool for converting your audio CD collection to variety of most popular compressed audio formats such as AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, RM. It also supports four channels mode including Stereo, Join Stereo, Mono and Dual Channel. It rips audio CD tracks and saves them into audio formats such as mp3, wav, wma (Windows Media Audio), VQF (Yamaha SoundVQ), orOGG Vorbis, converts MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG Vorbis from one to another on-the-fly, resamples MP3 to MP3, WAV to WAV, WMA to WMA, OGG to OGG for changing bitrates, frequency, and other options. MP3 Encoder supports CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and VBR (Variable Bit Rate). It's fast, easy to use while powerful.

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