Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Gmail so cool, custom domain Gmail login

We all know that Google has a very useful feature is the Google Apps following a custom domain Gmail, that google's free mail features, such as site just change the dns settings can have a lot of the suffix to @ imckt.com of Gmail, its function and capacity (increase) with normal to @ gmail.com at the end of the mailbox without any distinction, and most importantly, this feature is completely free

But do not know why, mail services that seem harmless at home do not even have the function can not access, Google login page for the domain cname several IP have all been shut off

(Default is the need to perform this operation: for example the site, need to mail.imckt.com CNAME to ghs.google.com, so later you can just visit http://mail.imckt.com landing @ imckt . com at the end of the mailbox, of course, in the case of non-cnmae is not open for direct access to http://ghs.google.com)

Gmail custom domain name that appears to be completely unable to visit in the country, in fact you can use the following address http://mail.google.com/a/ your domain name, such as landing site E-mail login address is http: / / mail.google.com / a / imckt.com / as shown below

Figure 1, the login screen

Although trouble spots, but can be used right or wrong, is not it?

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